Everything all set, just wait for your advertising go live

大家好我是Justice, 到了2023年,大家應該也發現Covid-19已經消失了一樣,整個日本乃至全世界猶如雨如春荀般的回復以往的氣息。

Hello, I’m Justice.

By 2023,recently Covid-19 has almost disappeared all around the world and it’s getting better days by days which meant things are turning back to normal as if the rain like a bamboo shoot back to the previous atmosphere.


In this recovery process, guess what do you think which industry is the most recovered among all ? That’s right, the airline industry.


If you even walk around Tokyo recently, you can see most of tourists in everywhere. That means the travel and tour industry comes alive again. So what I think is, the airline industry is bound to grow significantly in this process.


If you are living or traveling in Tokyo, you may have seen a lot of advertisements for the airline industry.


I don’t know if you’ll feel the same urge to travel when you see airline advertisements, but I’m afraid of flying, so I don’t have much of an urge, but I can still imagine.

Thank you!

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