Spectacular digital media @ Incheon International Airport

The current status of the Airports are now back to before-pandemic.

Today, let’s explore top 3 spectacular digital media at the Airport in Korea.

Incheon International Airport is a No.1 in World Airport Service Ranking for 12 consecutive years.

We can also tell how popular ICN Airport is and how much it is loved by the foreign people as well as Korean themselves being travel-lovers.

Korean media are well-known for trendy, high-quality vertical types.

It is situated in the very middle of the Airport from the bottom ground to high up at the ceiling with a tremendous exposure to all floor level 100% without a doubt.


Overwhelming Super-Sized Media Facade LED Signage

Located in front of the Escalator, along with All-Rounded Exposure to the Transportation Center Users and about 50% international passengers ride airport train or car when visiting the airport.

Advertisements are exposed to more than 12M passengers annually.


A super large DOOH located in the essential passageway to and from the airport on public transport dominating the whole surrounding area not only with the side walls but also with the ceiling screens.

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