My Silver like Golden Week

Why do I call that silver like golden week?!?

If you read till the end, you will find out the reason.

So, we got 5days in total including Saturday and Sunday (from 3rd to 7th May).

What did I do?

My high school friend who is currently living in Nagoya came to Tokyo and I spent the whole golden week with her and had the mini high school friend reunion with me, her and one more friend.

1st day >> Did nothing special, just cleaned my room as the special guest will be coming. Hahaa.

2nd day >> Went to Harajuku, Odaiba, and Shin Okubo for the Korean dinner.

Harajuku was not a special place for me as I do have to go there at least twice in a month for the media shooting. But still had fun having chit chat with my friends.

Odaiba, we enjoyed too too much! The sunset, soft breeze and a cup of beer was a perfect match made by heaven.

3rd day >> We were in love with the rings we bought and wanted more. So, what we did was, went to Daiso and made by ourselves. The result is not bad, at least we can wear them. Heeeee.

4th day >> Kamakura Pagoda is a Must place for Burmese to go if you once arrived in Japan. So, we went there also. And from that day the weather started to get worse so that we could not even go near the beach as the wind was much too strong.

5th day >> Shibuya Sky and it was a rainy day, and you know what, the roof top was closed that we could not enter because of the weather. What a disappointment. We just missed the very highlight of that location.

You now know why I call sliver like golden week?

It was not 100% filled with perfectness, 20% destroyed by unexpected causes.

Life is also just like that, no one’s life is 100% filled with happiness, there will be too many disturbing and stressful things.

Do your best every moment and keep the expectations low, life will become more enjoyable.

Although I am still trying to follow that tips ne!

Not on purpose, my blog becomes a life lesson. Haha…

Let me finish here!

Btw, there will be more long holidays coming in Japan and many brands are activating for their brand awareness especially the companies from Tourism industry.

How about you? Just contact us if you are interested!

Bye Bye!


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