team intro

One team four nationalities.

Greetings from the team that responds to your e-mails!

Ever wondered who are the ones speaking to you?Be it Japanese, English,Mandarin,Korean, Cantonese or Malay, we’ve got your backs! As a team, there is never one boring moment in the office, neither would you hear one single language being spoken at the same time.

The team works closely with each other to help bring your ideas into reality. Coming from diverse backgrounds they understand the joy and pain of living in a country that does not speak their mother tongue . However, with constant help from their Japanese team mates, they bring the best out of each other.

Other than their indecisiveness in choosing a place for team meals, they pretty much have lots of fun all the time, anytime!

So, let’s meet the team!


Nakayama was born in Osaka, a place commonly known to tourists as “the land of Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and…..Glico running man”. Speaking to Nakayama you will realize that he has an accent a little different from any Japanese; THAT is the Kansai dialect. FYI, most of the stand up comedians in Japan are from the Kansai area!! Having joined Kesion in when the company started in the earlier days, as well as being in the OOH advertising industry for more than 20 years, Nakayama brings his understanding of the Japanese market, directing the team to provide the best solutions to clients. You can be assured you are in good hands.

Oh, btw.

Nakayama is an expert in whiskey too.


Always making sure the team is on top of things, Ishikawa is the person the team looks for when numbers don’t match and Japanese documents are too difficult for them to digest. With her patience and experience in the industry she is well acquainted with Japanese medias and the market. Always having an adventurous heart, she delights in trying the delicious (and sometimes strange) snacks that the team brings back from their vacations.

So perhaps you could bring them an unusual snack from your country when you pay them a visit next time? *grins*


Wendy comes from Chongqing, China but has been living in Japan for the past seven years. The team often wonders if her last name is “Mala” (which is a type of spice that makes your mouth tingle from eating it) because she is always taking the team to spicy food places and taking pictures of them suffering. With her positive character Wendy is always on top of things, often juggling different clients at the same time. Despite crazy situations, she rarely gets mad but tells the team “It will be okay, don’t worry‘. She is definitely the definition of professionalism and zen-ness.

Well, if you have a thing for anything spicy, you know who to look for…..


Born and raised at the seaside town of Kuantan in Malaysia, Heather loves the beach and always enjoy the little chill spots she finds in Tokyo. Having graduated with a background in finance , she is very meticulous in making sure that everything is perfect before it is being presented to the client. Heather also has a side hobby of fashion and making anything dull look instagram-able. Having an eye of presenting something in the best way, she enjoys exploring cute cafes, beautiful little towns and you can be sure to see them pop up on her Instagram account.

Want a little tip of where to go during your trip to Japan? You may have just found the right person!


Min is from Seoul, South Korea and she is the darling cutie pie of the team! Always picking up the phone and speaking to Korean clients, the team often feels like they are watching a Korean soap drama live. Min used to work in the hotel industry in Japan but realizing that advertising and working with fashion brands was something she wanted to do more, Min is very up to date with the trends that goes on in different parts of the world! Always the first to share any fun and trendy news, Min brings the team much insight and understanding of the global market.

On a side note, Min has been taking French classes lately…

Merci beaucoup?

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Hopefully this gives you a better idea of who you actually speak to and feel assured that you are in good hands! We look forward to getting to know you better too and meeting you in person.

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