Summer is just around the corner in Japan!!

There have many traditional culture festivals in Japan especially in summer.

MATSURI is one of them. In Japan we do have many different types from several area.

Do you know what is the meaning of ‘MATSURI’? It means festival in English.

Gradually I feel Japanese people’s communication skill is becoming poorer.

People connects with neighborhood, to communicate with their friends, and so on.

This is we can tell for sure that we spend through Covid-19, gradually develop SNS and AI.

But MATSURI is a good opportunity for humans to be human.

Let me take you MIKOSHI festival, Mikoshi means a sacred religious palanquin which take the God from Shrine to another shrine in Japan.

People bear the mikoshi on their shoulders by means of poles. Gods ride in MIKOSHI to go around local area.

A lot of people carries along the GOD, calls out to the others.

portable shrine of grand festival

Carrier wears HAPPI. You can see those at souvenir shops and it is also the famous clothes along with KIMONO.

It is no fixed design, but we can see a lot of design by region, group.

※Chong Tese, the former soccer player, rides in MIKOSHI who wears orange kimono.

He was especially active in the J-League.

Summer in Japan offers a variety of events.

There is a saying ” Life is about experience… you can’t hold onto everything.”

So allow yourself to such an experience.

And also, Kesion prepares some sponsor sets in MATSURI ,like fireworks festival and so on.

If you are interested, you can contact us for sponsor ship events.

We can give you the best creative idea for branding.

Hope you enjoy this topic for this week.

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