HATSUHINODE , the First Sunrise of the Year

Hi, I’m back.
Like I was kept thinking about what should I share on today and I’ve got an idea .I’m not a Japanese though since I’ve been living in here, some of the cultures influence me gradually.
Let’s talk about New Year Celebration in Japan! Not today is New Year though…

Does Any of you guys know anything about HATSUHINODE in Japan ?
It’s like watching the first sunrise of the year from mountains or beaches.
And there’s a saying that if you see this, it’s going to bring good luck to you.
So I went to Enoshima to fulfill my wishes.
Watching Sunrise from the beach is beyond beautiful than I amazed. I can see the Mount’s FUJI from there too.

And the another is visiting the Shrine on the first day of New Year in order to pay their respects and also to wish for a happy and healthy year. I did this too.

I can’t even describe how’s artistry.
You guys should come and see the beauty of it. I’m sure that you won’t be regretted.


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