Hi,My name is Kohei!!

I belong to the Kesion business development group, especially in sales team. I’ve been working at Kesion for 4 years in this April.

As you know our company improves real promotion media .For example, transportation advertising media, Billboard media in busy streets, Taxi signage, and so on.

Among them, My team deals in ZeroBase, which is a Promotion Space. Have you guys heard about THIS? It manages by our company.

We do have ZeroBase promotion area in well-known area like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Omotesando and Jingumae.

ZeroBase Shibuya
ZeroBase Shinjuku
ZeroBase Omotesando
ZeroBase Jingumae

Those area are traditional area in Japan,so you can provide a huge awareness not only the walkers but also on social media.

How to use ZeroBase?? It’s Unlimited Possibilities. POP-UP shop, Offline to Online space,

touch & try, test marketing, projection mapping, gallery etc….

It’s boring to be conversational.

It’s hard to be limited by rules.

Advertising and Promotion can be more free and interesting.

With creativity that stimulates curiosity, We want to create shareable experiences.

Let’s create unique advertisements.

Let’s make it together!!

It’s our concept. 


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