Introducing the finest and greatest lakeside located in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya Malaysia!

I’ve been traveling to many lakesides around our country, but this! Why would I want to claim this place is the finest and greatest lakeside?

Personally, thinking that this place is doing its job very well; Cleanliness, security, and most importantly – the place is HUGE! Make sure you have gotten ready with plenty of water if you’re going there for exercising!

Special entrance decorating before entering the park, always crowded with people who are checking in and taking pictures, and make sure you do as well!

Oh ya! Before entering the park, please make sure you are wearing a proper and comfortable gear ya!

Why am I saying that? Let me show you!

The activity that you can’t be missed over there! Electronic scooter for you to travel around the lake and park!

No worries, the scooter suits the age from teenagers to adults! I’ve seen before a 60s uncle who was riding that around that place. PS: Play it on your own risk ya.

Some of you might be thinking, if you do not want to do anything with the scooters, what else can we do?

Sure! Let’s take a trip guide and I will showcase a few things that we can do and to show you!

Gear up and start jogging! The jogging track is around 3.4 miles, and it takes up 8,000 steps and don’t ever think that it’s easy!

One thing that I can ensure while you’re having a jog or riding a scooter, the view around you will never disappoints you! 😊

Despite having a long day at work, you will still get to unwind yourself while enjoying such a beautiful and peaceful view at the park, trust me.

Feel like grabbing bites at the park? No worries! This park is designed with plenty of safe spaces for you and your family to have a last-minute picnic trip. Enjoy! PS: Do clean it up after the event finished, please la! 😊

Choo! Choo! Finally, I’m surprised that you’ve made this far! Let me award you with the most magnificent sunset from Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. Believe me, this glorious view will heal your fatigueless and gives you peace, at least I did!

I think it’s a wrap! Till next time we meet, and I will share a lot more fantastic destinations with you about our country! Always stay safe, and great day ahead!

From Kesion Malaysia team, loves.

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