New year in Tokyo

It has been my 4th year spending the New Year time in Tokyo, I love this city even though there is no Count down event here, the city is still full of people in the street, so that we can enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year in comparison with other Asian country.

I have spent my New Year’s Eve on monitoring the media of Sign Board Set 20 in Tokyo Metro, this is the best Station media which covers over 16 main stations in Tokyo such as Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku that you may heard about before. You think that is “poor me” to go out for work on New Year’s Eve? Definitely not poor me!  Even though the New Year’s Eve was such so cold weather day in Tokyo, but that didn’t stop anyone go out to celebrate the New Year.  

I can say people’s eyes are really attracted by this media, because while monitoring, I can see many people stare at the sign board very much when they just walk through. The reason for them attracted by media simply not because the media but also the artwork! I think that is really powerful to post on the package media in Station where the people mostly rely on as their traffic tool.

There is still a lot of discount campaign on OOH media in this season, please feel free to contact us.

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