Samseong-dong, a free Outdoor Advertising Zone in Korea

Happy New Year everyone!

I was back at my home country Korea in 2 years!!

I had a media tour by myself in the freezing weather but it was so much fun exploring renowned spectacular digital billboards in Samseong-dong, as many of you know, where K-POP SQUARE Media is located at:)

Samseong-dong in Seoul, where Coex is located, was declared Korea’s first free outdoor advertising zone in 2018, which means there is no restriction to the size or type of advertisement allowed on the billboards.

This has allowed the Coex area to be transformed into Korea’s Times Square with large LED screens placed throughout the area.

Samsung-Dong area is the largest business town in Korea where the KWTC, ASEM Tower, Parnas Tower, and luxury hotels such as Park Hyatt and Intercontinental Hotel are located.

It is a marketing landmark with many 20s~40s who have purchasing power and sensitive to trends.

Also, the area is attracting attention as a test market for overseas brands to enter the country and is in the spotlight as a new center of beauty, fashion, and Korean Wave culture.

I will guide you to these incredible media in Samseong-dong area, starting from, of course, K-POP SQUARE Media

As its name indicates, there were some K-POP ads on-air as well

Much preferred by international big brands such as the above luxury fashion brands.

No wonder why this media is already ALL SOLD OUT for this year of 2022

From now on, all vertical media will be introduced and the first one is Parnas Media Tower

Behind, there is a billboard lightbox for long-term ads

On the left side, you can see two curved media; Superior and H-Wall

Superior LED

H-Wall Media

Passing by K-POP SQUARE on the left, another billboard is on the right side, across the street.

Also a wall LED next to the billboard and this building is Shillay Stay Hotel.

Many luxury brands have done their advertising here just like Cartier in the picture.

Now keep walking straight for a minute, then you’ll see another huge vertical media in front.

Coex Media Tower, which is double-sided LED same with Parnas Media Tower from the above.

At the end of the street, the last media on the building wall is waiting for you; Landmark LED

At the end of Coex, facing the intersection full of people and drivers.

Let’s get inside Coex to see more media and first one to start is Underworld Panorama

Tons of pillar media too!

If you go back outside through the entrance of Samseong Station, this media will lead to the station.

You can also see the left side of K-POP SQUARE Media from under here:)

This is a package media taking over the pathway connecting Coex and Samseong Station

One last media that was newly installed this month on the way to Samseong Station; V-Plex

If you go straight this way where the blue media is shown on the right, the Parnas Media Tower, it’s Samseong Station

I have introduced all the media at Samseong-dong area, what do you think?

Samseong-dong can be described as the Times Square in New York.

International clients pick Samseong-dong to advertise in Korea at first hand.

If you are interested in any of these media, don’t hesitate to contact and fine me:)

Then Call us, maybe?


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