Are you Creative Enough?

Peace be upon You and Konichiwaaaa everyone~ What’s with the above photo? Nothing much keke, just me taking a moment to pause for a while and look up to the sky while taking a deep breath.

How are you, dear readers? Kesion Malaysia & Team pray everyone has good health and stay safe always okay. Now let’s dive in for today’s sharing.

Are you creative enough? What happens to creative people if they’ve been given the same task every day? This is not to be ungrateful or point fingers at anybody. It’s an online discussion I had last week with some experienced people in the industry, TED Talk, and youtube opinion. I asked for a few tips and it blew my mind on how simple the solution is.


Take a Walk

View other brand for an inspiration

and many more, but the one that caught my attention is a portable working space. And I was like….meaning? They suggest creative people not create their art be it for work or client at least different places a day. Now I start to understand why certain people bring their laptops to cafes, Mamak, or even inside the car. Based on psychology it’s for your brain to spark an awareness of creativity.

The above photo is just my attempt to view this classic building still stand tall in 2021.

Have you ever get an idea of a solution for a certain issue, be it technical, sales, marketing, and so on. Because it works for me. Sometimes taking a walk from Ground Floor to the 3rd Floor does ring a bell for a new design or reference for me. Then I will quickly write it on my notes, I hope today sharing will benefit for those who take times to read it : )

Until we meet again for another sharing session with you Malay Boi Akmal from Kesion Malaysia. keke

Closing today sharing my Malaysia Classic Shop. When you guys have time. Come visit Malaysia I’ll share this happiness with you guys.

“Being Classic is the New Modern” – Sapna Garg
Tataaa, Adios and Sayonaraaa

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