Every-time Something new!

How are you all hanging out there!
I hope everyone is doing great!

Today I want to introduce a new Digital Signage that has been implemented in Tokyo’s most high-class district, Aoyama!

Aoyama has all the high fashion brands, cars, and everything expensive in this world. Our new Digital Signage is called the Argyle Aoyama cross-point according to the building’s name it is set in.

The new building has a hotel, workspace, restaurants and much more! And why is it unique? Because it has just opened, it’s doors this July 2020!

So if you’re target audience is Tokyo’s most high-class pedestrians, then this screen is your perfect choice!

Feel free to contact me for any more information, as I personally am responsible for running this Digital signage!

Either the new Digital screen or old ones, anywhere in Tokyo or in Japan or even the world! We can always find you the best solution for your campaign, never hesitate to talk to us, even for a chat!

Until next post, Stay Positive!


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