Feels Like Summer

When summer comes, It reminds me of the “Gion Festival,” which is one of the most famous festivals in Japan.

It’s an ancient summer tradition that takes place around the middle of July in Kyoto and is known for its parade. The highlight of this festival, called “Yoiyama,” attracts a large number of visitors.

As the stalls lining the streets, and you can enjoy food, paper fortune, water balloon fishing, and so on. One of my favorites is this fluffy Japanese Sponge Cake.

The “Yamaboko floats” are decorated by each district, with illuminated lanterns at night.

The view from the rooftop shows how crowded the festival is. Amazingly, approx 1.8 million visitors come every year during the event.

Btw, we recently released “OOH-ATLAS”, a web service that visualizes how many people have come into contact with outdoor advertising.

It’s free to use! Only register and you can check it from the website. Basically, the Japanese version is the default, so please use your browser’s translation function.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information. See ya!


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