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Happy Friday and hi there, Akmal here from Kesion Malaysia.

I hope you all are having a good time and guess what..

Today is Happy National Donuts Day. YEAY!

Sorry guys, I’ve been a big fan of donuts since I was Kid. The best part about today is, I want to share with you guys my experience working on an online project with our client which is Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Malaysia. You know what I mean right? Hehe

You’ve been adoring this one brand and now? You are working together to achieve both parties goals. How cool is that?

Above is a mini kiosk of Big Apple located at The Mines Shopping Mall.

Such a minimalist. I Like.

Since 2020 is the year of social media. I would like to share 2 tips on how you can apply some of this method for your business.

1. Use Ephemeral Content on your social Media

Ephemeral content is something that is available only for a short duration and disappears afterward. Instagram and Snapchat Stories are perfect examples of this type of content.

Today, people’s attention spans are short and the way they like to consume content has also changed. This is why content formats like Stories have become popular. They are short, engaging, and addictive in a way that people can spend hours scrolling through one Story after another.

2. Use Video Content

Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content and will soon dominate the social media a clear winner over all other types of content. Whether it is short-form videos like those popular on TikTok or Stories or long-form content on YouTube, videos are the future of social media content.

According to a Cisco study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. This clearly shows how important it is to start utilizing video content to stay relevant in the social media domain.

If you’re not currently creating videos, it is time that you include it in your content strategy. In the near future, videos will dominate social media and anyone who doesn’t realize that will have a tough time.

Now, let me show you where is this Big Apple kiosk location is

Above photo is from The Mines Shopping Mall official website

The Mines is located in Selangor’s Mines Resort City and is a “family-focused” shopping mall that provides shoppers with a complete offering of retail, entertainment, and dining options. The Mines is well known for a Venetian-like canal running through the shopping mall.

Mines Resort City was built from the late 1980s onwards on a site which was once the world’s largest open cast tin mine, with a massive hole in the ground 2km long, one kilometer wide and 200 metres deep. When mining activities ceased the hole filled with rainwater and the two lakes were formed.

The larger North Lake covers 150 acres and is 200 meters deep. It runs from The Mines shopping mall, past the mines Waterfront Business Park, the blue-domed Sapura Group HQ building, and the Mines Resort & Golf Club. Two smart hotels also back onto this lake: the Palace of the Golden Horses and Philea Mines Beach Resort.

~source from website~

Let me share with you some of the Advertising media that I found in The Mines.

There are some of the eye-catching media that caught my eyes.

What’s so unique about this Mall is. they have a mini lake inside. They called it The Mines Cruise. The Mines Cruise is an enjoyable boat ride on two large lakes next to The Mines shopping mall in Seri Kembangan on the southern outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

Cool right?

We are now at the end of our sharing

Just so you know these are some of the trends that will dominate the social media landscape in 2020 and beyond. Leverage these trends to your advantage and stay ahead of your competitors. Social media is a dynamic and competitive space and these trends can help you ace your social media game. So, keep abreast of the latest developments around these themes and use these for your social media initiatives.

See you soon for the next Posting~

it reminds me of donuts, keke~

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