Taiwanese OOH Color

Hello! Everyone, it is Justice, long time no see! I have been to Taiwan during the Chinese New Year this year. I especially want to introduce everyone to Taiwan.

I don’t know how much everyone knows about Taiwan. Except for delicious food, I think everyone memorizes about Taiwan may be hospitality. Taiwanese tend to be passionate and hospitable. The pace of life here is really slow, but Taiwanese are really dedicated to work, as you know we have a brilliant performance in the science and technology field.



To be honest, my impression of Taiwan is also that the signs on the road are messier, and the road crowed with people and motorcycles. Returning to Taiwan after living in Japan for a long time makes me unaccustomed. Many KANBAN and billboards here make the environment look crowed, not so much like Hong Kong, but still more crowed than Japan.


Speak to world-famous OOH media, they are all located in a relatively prosperous city, Time square in New York, Shibuya intersection in Tokyo, so what about Taiwan? I have been thinking about this problem for a long time.

In fact, I can not find the spot that can represent Taiwanese OOH media sanctuary in particular, but the most representative place I think it is the intersection outside Ximen station in MRT or Taipei 101.




And in my heart, the most interesting thing about OOH media culture in Taiwan should be the advertisement that the candidate will put during the election! The presidential election is held every 4 years, and legislators are held again every 2 years. The election also added a new color to the Taiwanese OOH media market.

In order to win, each elector put the promotion in the OOH advertising media was more elaborate and closer in the superior area.

It has also become one of Taiwanese culture. I believe that the people who have been to Taiwan are as impressed as I am.



Here I want to let everyone check the OOH media here.


I hope you will like my introduction. If you are interested in OOH media any where in the world, you can contact us. We can give you the best service.



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