Learn from Nature…

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is doing great.
Today’s topic may be a little bit philosophical to some (for me too), yet I believe every one of us can have an Aristotle in them at any point in time! and the Aristotle in me has been popping up quite a lot lately 🙂

Anyway let’s get to the topic, lately, I have been walking around a lot and noticing how nature never seizes to exist no matter what. Humans have and are always expanding their territories against nature, yet with all of that nature fights back and spreads it’s strings wherever it wants.

At this point in time seeing how nature is persistent on living no matter what makes me think that humans should also be the same and should learn perseverance from nature.

Some examples of nature’s perseverance are shown here to see how strong nature is.

Whatever problems and hardships we face in life we always have to stand up again and fight back with every power we have in us! giving up is never an option just like nature, it never gives up and it always keeps trying to exist no matter the circumstances.

And that is the lesson we should learn from nature!
Stay safe and keep up the high spirit!


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