Let’s take a walk

Hi there, I am Helen. 

I hope you all are having a good time working from home.

Today, I would like to share my strolling experience around my neighborhood.

I like to go out and start my stroll around 7 p.m. I would stroll around aimlessly around my neighborhood. It helps me relax and get a breath of fresh air. During the stroll, I experience profound peace and calmness. It is an amazing feeling which allows me to stay in tune with my surroundings and be immersed with myself.

Occasionally, when I do take a stroll around 8 p.m, the sky is filled with clear layered clouds. It’s like the clouds are nature’s own filter – the change of colors and the change of mood during the magic hour. At that point of the moment, I would slow down and enjoy the beautiful sky. I would admire the diverse colors and the ever-changing formless clouds.

At 10 p.m, the feeling of taking a stroll during this hour is incredibly calm and cooling. The sky would be dark and would look like it is reaching down to the end of Earth. The surrounding is quiet and there will be cool breezes brushing across my face. If I ever wonder upon a street lamp, I feel excited. I would stand under a street lamp and try to let my shadow be part of the darkness.

During my stroll around my neighborhood, I would notice the insects on the grass, a cat hiding behind a tree, and the moon peeking out from behind the clouds. Strolling helps me process my thoughts and creativity, I would get great ideas or even ideas that I thought was great but turns out to be actually pretty lame.

Explore more

I know that there are times when we are too busy with work. We would leave home early and reach home late. We will and might miss out on the many adorable and interesting shops, cafes, book stores, restaurants, parks, or pubs that exist in our area.

I always tend to use google map to navigate back to my place. Google map is convenient and always recommends the same closest route from the station and back to my home. Walking the same route day in and day out can be really boring. Especially when I will be passing by the same chained restaurants and medicine retail store. But one day, I decided to be a little adventurous and wander around aimlessly. And, I found another route back to my place. Being adventurous, I found different restaurants with delicious food, special boutiques, gyms, cafes, and other stores. It’s a wonderful feeling. It made me realized my life is full of wonders.
In my next stroll adventure, I always wonder what interesting things will I find next.

Taking a stroll is easy to do, and it’s easy on the budget. 
Let’s have a walk after dinner.

Thank you for reading. See you next week!


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