Japan’s Spring

Hi everyone! This is Medo again and today I bring you some beautiful images I took of Spring.

Everyone knows how beautiful Japan is, especially during the spring season because it is the time of Sakura(Cherry Blossom).

Unless you have visited Japan you would only see pictures of beautiful colorful flowers of Japan’s spring on your home screen, but believe me, they look 100 times more beautiful when seeing them up close!

I believe that flowers have a powerful and magical effect on one’s mental health, looking at how flourishing flowers give you a kick to remind you that everything is going to be alright no matter what!

and Even though the spring season has started, comes a snowy day that I did not believe my eyes seeing!

and here is a cute dog I found while jogging, He’s just as white as it can get!

and finally, there was a poster I saw the other day at the station that caught my eye, the design, color, and positioning were perfect for everyone to notice it!

Well, you always know where to find us whenever you want such an eye-catching Ad anywhere in Japan or outside of it!

That’s it for today!
Keep your eyes on our blog for our next story. Stay safe!

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