The rising tide of OOH


Hello everyone! I am a new staff in March. My name is Lee Yu. I came from Taiwan. I am so glad that I can be one of KESION‘s members to do a fabulous job. Everyone here is very friendly and great. Also, I am so excited at learning some useful knowledge and experience.


OOH, (Out-of-home)media is the part of our life, in many tourist spots we can see many OOH media which could even represent the degree of the city‘s popularity. Every time when we go to popular spots such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, OOH media are also the parts of attractiveness for many people.


Not only in Japan, but OOH media are also everywhere around the world. As I search the internet, I acknowledged that, in contrast with the high rise in internet advertisement, OOH media is the only rising media type among the traditional advertisement. It is also indicated that the superiority of OOH is that big size and relatively easy price, and the most important is that OOH is the only media that could catch people‘s eyes easily, it makes people can‘t help but notice it.


Furthermore, in comparison with other media, OOH is only one media that you can raise your head to see. Nowadays people have got used to ignore AD or skip AD when watching the digital ad such as YOUTUBE or TV. However, there is no any barrier that could make you ignore OOH, so by using high-tech and brilliant design that makes high viewing number and the powerful brand recognition are more memorable than other media so much, without a doubt that is the major reason why I think OOH media is still in the rising tide.


If you are interested in this OOH media, please feel free to contact us.


Hope you will like my sharing, see you next Friday!

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