KURURU outdoor media


今年我刚加入Kesion大家庭。我非常享受在Kesion的时光。在这里,我可以发挥自己的优势,获得新的知识,自我成长。 最重要的是,我和一群非常棒的伙伴一起工作,我们相信我们可以在广告界创造奇迹。

Hi, I am Helen. I am from Yunnan province, China. I have been in Tokyo for 2 years. I love hot spring, especially Hakone spring in Japan.

I just joined in KESION family this year. It is a new challenge for me and I really enjoy it here. I could make use of my advantages, acquire new knowledge, and grow up here. The most important thing is I am working with a bunch of amazing colleagues and we truly believe we could make a difference in the advertising industry.


I’m gonna show you about our outdoor media-KURURU.

Fuchu City is located in the western part of Tokyo and surrounded by the abundant nature of the four seasons. For local Japanese, Fuchu is a convenient place for living. Also, Fuchu station is a commercial area surrounded by shopping malls, companies and so on.


So the targets in Fuchu station are diverse which ranges from students, family, tourists, and business workers.


It is a digital screen and can be seen by everyone when they walk out of the station. I believe KURURU media will bring a huge impact on your business and deliver positive results in your brand awareness and even sales.


If you are interested in this media, please feel free to contact us.


Have a nice day!


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