New Night Market


Mingalaba! Here is Yasuda Myanmar expat.

今日はミャンマー・ヤンゴンにできる新しいNight Marketについて書きたいと思います。

Today I want to write about the new Night Market in Yangon, Myanmar.


So far Markets in Myanmar looked like this. The lack of water and sewage facilities does not guarantee hygiene. I heard that foreigners who came to Myanmar for sightseeing always get stomach pain, but the cause is mostly this kind of Market. By the way, we do not eat at these markets.

そんな中、ミャンマーローカル企業とYCDC(ヤンゴン市役所)が合弁で、新たにNight Marketを作ることになりました。

Meanwhile, a Myanmar local company and YCDC (Yangon City Hall) are jointly forming a new Night Market.


The purpose is to revitalize the city and establish a Market that everyone can use with peace of mind.


This is the management office. (The container office reminds me of Japan and misses it.)


However, the interior is not heat-insulated at all, so it’s hot! ! setting for about 30 minutes, sweat will come out so that the shirt can be squeezed. The design is cool, but it’s like any other place in Myanmar that doesn’t care much about the functional aspects. .


It seems that the number of stores (individual business) is almost fixed, but most of stores have not opened yet.


Among them, there is also a bar & restaurant area! Naturally, we can expect people to come together.


This will be the blue sky table zone for people to gather in the future


Don’t you think it’s interesting place to have Media!

the location looks like this!


Myanmar continues to evolve, but Myanmar still has some inconsistencies in its development. It is in Myanmar that something new is born as a business opportunity.

Bye Bye~.

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