Lion City aka Singapura

Happy Friday peeps~

First of all, thank youuu for keep coming back to our blog for more interesting content. It’s your boy again from Malaysia.

We’ll be sharing with you guys my Singapore trip with my best friends.

Let me share a bit about this City of Lion.

Singapore officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign island city-state in Southeast Asia. The English name of Singapore is an anglicisation of the native Malay name for the country, Singapura, which was in turn derived from Sanskrit, Siṃhapura where siṃha meaning “lion”, and pura meaning “town” or “city”), hence the customary reference to the nation as the Lion City, and its inclusion in many of the nation’s symbols.

We’ll start our journey by parking our car at Johor Station Bus to use the train on accessing Singapore. After check in, we had a chance visiting Gardens By The Bay Sg.

Traveling to Singapore without visiting the botanical Gardens By The Bay as beautiful as in the movies is a big mistake. At night we had a sightseeing around SG.

These light shows in Singapore include the stunning OCBC Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay, Spectra at Marina Bay Sands and the majestic Crane Dance at Sentosa. All are worth seeing if you are nearby, and given the proximity of Marina Bay Sands to Gardens by the Bay, you could even see 2 in a row.

With so many great backdrops it isn’t surprising that on any night of the week you will find somewhere in Singapore lit up in a dazzling display of multi-coloured lights to the sound of well-known tunes or original compositions. From incredible laser shows that light up the Marina Bay 7 nights a week. All these Singapore light shows are free for all to watch and make great entertainment for all the family.

The next day we all visit the most cliche but a must go, which is Universal Studio Singapore. Had a chance rolling with their Roller Coaster and it was super FUN. Sadly I don’t have the photo while riding it. hehe~

It was worth it. 2 days definitely is not enough if you want to fully experienced what Singapore is.

Hope to see you guys soon on the next posting.

Have a good Friyayy for you guys

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