The Street of Longing

Hello everyone! How’s going on recently?

Last week, we have suffered from very strong typhoon. It has brought heavy rainfall in many areas, and caused many rivers to overflow. I wish for the earliest reconstruction of the affected areas.

Today, I’m gonna show you my favorite place “Takehara-city”. It’s located in Hiroshima prefecture, and is known for bamboo works and beautiful historic area.

All this streets are illuminated by 5,000 bamboo candles for just two nights in late October.

About 20 works are exhibited, so you can enjoy awesome lights experience each street around here.

This event is named “Shokei-no-michi”, a little-known but absolutely great.

And there’s also popular spot on this street, Japanese Sake brewery “Taketsuru”.

The founder of Nikka Whiskey; Masataka Taketsuru, was born here. He is known as the “Father of Japanese Whiskey”.

If you have time to visit around, highly recommend to see “Okuno-jima”.

This tiny island was originally used for developing chemical weapons during war.

But the time passed by, it has completely changed. Once you arrive this island, you’ve got surrounded by fluffy rabbits.

They have been treated as mascot of this island and breeding over 900 rabbits. So now, this island is called “Rabbit Island”.

There are many wonderful places to visit in everywhere. Let’s find a new place and become a connoisseur!

Thank you for reading! See you next Friday!

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