How Eye Movement Boost our Creativity

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“Creativity is a combinatoric force: it’s our ability to tap into our ‘inner’ pool of resources – knowledge, insight, information, inspiration and all the fragments populating our minds – that we’ve accumulated over the years just by being present and alive and awake to the world and to combine them in extraordinary new ways.”Maria Popova, Brainpickings

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions.

Sunway Velocity Garden

I’ve always believe that green can recover your inner peace and your creativity. Green is a restful and quiet color. Because it symbolizes nature, green is one of the most beautiful and comforting colors that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed. Beige greens and pale yellow-greens are the most stress-reducing shades in the green family. There’s even a science behind this. Read below link for more details.

Thanks to Kesion Malaysia for always let me explore and do media research whenever i feel lost or lack in some creativity for some certain task.

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This Beautiful Green Garden is located at Sunway Velocity Mall.

As you know my post will always about sharing green energy. But this time i was thinking of sharing some of the new data i collect from Psychology of Eye Contact in a marketing photo.

I managed to snap a good reference for this matter

Look closely at the EYE CONTACT

One of the Important tips in Photography is ‘Eye Contact’


As an expression of intimacy or aggression, eye contact involves the direct connection of one individual’s psyche to another. Simultaneously you see and are seen by the other. You take each other in and size each other up. It’s a direct, no-nonsense meeting of the minds. Eye contact automatically amplifies any emotion, whether it is affection, assertiveness, criticism, doubt, fear, or hostility. The impact goes beyond the realm of the purely psychological. It’s also “primitive” in a very biological sort of way. Babies and highly social animals, like canines and primates, quickly rivet to eye contact.

As you can see in the photo that i snap, most of them have a direct eye contact to the consumer that are pass by their shop.

The study concluded that eye contact can increase our trust in certain characters and brands, elevating our attention to and connection with the product. The same holds true for publicity campaigns and photo selection.

Humans are biologically programmed not to look away from people looking straight at us. We instinctively study faces, eyes, and expressions to gauge what others are feeling and judge if they are friend or foe.

So, people are more likely to connect with a message that connects with their eyes. Photos of people making eye contact with the viewer can help establish common ground between your cause and your audience.

–Claire Kelloway, Winter Intern

As i was doing research for eye psychology in photo, I managed to snap some indoor advertising. It does have the power to compel viewers and make a difference to business. Marketing companies are now creating unique, innovative advertisements that appeal directly to the right audience in an isolated setting where competition is not an issue.

For example, some brands advertise in the right geographic location and venue. This will be able to reach their target audience in a captive situation where they will be focused specifically on your ad campaign.

Hoping my mini research can help your business in some certain ways.

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