Something about Norway you did not know!

Hallo from the North everyone! How was your week? I am currently in Norway for summer break now and I am going to make you jealous!

Scandinavian countries are famous for their design, especially furniture. Danish, Swedish and Finnish design is big around the world, but there are also some examples of Norwegian products that became a big hit.

I’m staying in Norway for this trip, in the house I could find two popular chairs that you have probably seen before, but you probably didn’t know they are from Norway.

There is also another type of chair that has made lives comfortable since the 70’s, and that is the world famous “Stressless” (EKORNES), which is also a Norwegian product. “Stressless” is one of the most famous furniture brand in the world, and this recliner is the perfect mix of design, functionality and comfort. I think this explains about the Norwegian people and the way they live their lives.

The “Tripp Trapp” chair (STOKKE) is a Norwegian invention that has made it easy for kids to join their family at the dining table all over the world. It became a hit in the 1970’s, and is still very popular today.

The concept of “hygge”, a Norwegian word that translates to something like a mix of cosy, comfortable, pleasant, homelike and enjoyable.

These chairs are great examples of design that fits the concept of “hygge”. Even more famous than the previously mentioned chairs is the breathtaking nature of Norway.

Okay enough of chair exploring, here is a breathtaking scenery from the fantastic fjords on the west coast, to the majestic mountains of Jotunheimen, the deep dark forests of the inland, the idyllic archipelago in the south and the crisp and picturesque coastal areas of the north.

Now we know why Norwegian people likes to take advantage of their mother nature and find every opportunity to go outdoor and enjoy their time!

It is very common to have a summer house by the sea in the southern parts, or a cabin in the mountains for skiing and hiking too. A lot of people also like to spend their weekends and holidays in their camping caravan, which is more flexible way to fulfill your dream of a private holiday retreat.

Not forgetting to check out the wonderful medias too, these digital medias are located at Oslo Central station.

PS: The pictures of the containers below are a gift to Mr Nakayama. You will find out why in the following blog 😉

Have a good weekend everyone! You have done great this week!

Lots of loves.

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