My short transit experience at Istanbul International Airport!

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Today i am planning to share with you my experience during my transit at one of the biggest international airport in the world, Istanbul International Airport. Also known as one the busiest aviation center whereby it has become a major transportation hub connecting three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Imagine it serves more than 350 domestic and international destinations in 110 countries, so impressive, right?

There were a massive number of travellers at the Istanbul Airport during my 3 hours transit, while waiting my next flight to Lyon. Also again during my another 3.5 hours transit on my return trip from Zurich to Kuala Lumpur.

Know what? I could not believe I actually feel like I don’t had really enough time hanging around the airport cause apparently 3 hours was just too short to spend. A lot of things you could see, you could eat and also you could shopping.. haha.

Do you know why? The airport is very famous with their largest in the world duty free area. You wouldn’t believe your time flies so fast there. Hihi.

Plus, the services and facilities provided at the airport are one-of-a-kind, and of course, cutting-edge technology is applied all over the environmentally-friendly airport.

Today I am not planning to share the whole excitement inside the airport, but I am planning to show few interesting media advertising platforms inside the airport that have caught my attention.

Are you one of the brand owner, looking for a strategic ad placement? Or are you working in advertising agency industry? You should take a look at few media platforms that I found at the Airport main concourse area. The area whereby you can find all main services such as restaurants, cafes, duty free area, shops, lounges bars, food court, rest and phone charging area, etc.

Large digital signage at the back of flight and gate information led board.

When heading to Departure Gate, I also found few nice eye-catching media platforms below.

Looks really spectacular right?

I got a lot more photos, but could not able to share them all here. I will share them on my another sharing ya~

I think that’s all for today.

If you are looking for any media space in any airports or cities worldwide, you may contact us to check more information on that.

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