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Hello to everyone who follows Kesion Blog, it is Justice, I recently have the research about the world most famous OOH mecca – New York Times Square, as you know New York media especially in Times Square, the budget for 1 month or 1 week is too expensive in comparison with Japanese market, thus I would like to introduce some 1 day or 1 week media plan with good value available in the Times Square if you are interested in any media in this blog, please feel free to contact Kesion Overseas team, cause we have a bunch of connection resource with the vendors all over the world.


Digital Godzilla 

This is, without a doubt, the most spectacular digital signage in the world! It is truly the GODZILLA of signage and the only 4K technology in Times Square! This signage, installed in the middle of the square, above the newly renovated pedestrian deck, is simply stunning.

Digital Godzilla 

これは、間違いなく、世界で最も壮大なデジタルサイネージです! まさに看板のGODZILLAであり、タイムズスクエアで唯一の4Kテクノロジーを提供しています! 広場の真ん中、新しくなったペデストリアンデッキの上に設置されたこのサイネージは、まさに圧巻の一言です。。

1 Times Square – 43rd St, Broadway & 7th Ave

1 Times Square is one of America’s most iconic tourist destinations. It is the heart of New York City and internationally recognized as a symbol of media, marketing, prestige, and entertainment.1 Times Square’s towers are where it all began over 100 years ago.

1 タイムズ・スクエアは、アメリカを代表する観光地の一つです。ニューヨークの中心であり、メディア、マーケティング、名声、エンターテインメントのシンボルとして国際的に認知されています。1 Times Squareのタワーは、100年以上前にすべてが始まった場所です。

20 Times Square ES 8ft N/O 47th Street F/SW – 1

Located in the heart of Times Square, adjacent to TKTS and Duffy Square, this high-profile full-motion digital spectacular attracts thousands of people daily. It is highly visible from the Broadway pedestrian plaza and offers long hours of connectivity. It can be linked to live events on the ground or combined with other Spectacolor digital screens to block traffic.


The Digital Beast

Located above the McDonald’s at 45th and Broadway, the 9,300-square-foot Beast overlooks Times Square. A curve on the north side draws the eye from the north into the plaza, maximizing visibility and dwell time. The screen is so bright and large that it illuminates the street below.


I just put some main gigantic media above. Hope you will like that and feel free to contact to us!

Thank you!

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