Nagoya Media Tour

Have you guys heard any about Nagoya?

Nagoya, is one of the most popular place and as well as  a major port and transportation hub in Japan’s Chubu region. It comes the 4th place in here.

So I had been to Nagoya last three month ago for a media tour.

I had found so many interesting things when I was in there.

First I went for Nagoya’s Castle, it is definitely worth to visit when you were in there. It was Japan’s first castle to be designated a National Treasure.

Let me take to you Nagoya for a while.

You can feel the nature of beauty and also the amazing artwork by looking at it .About food, How do you think which is popular food in Nagoya ?

Hitsumabushi, which comes from the rice tubs called Ohitsu used by waitresses for serving cooked rice. They would put the grilled pieces of eel on the rice which in Japanese can be described as Mabushu.The Japanese Ohitsu ni Mabushu became Hitsumabushi.

They put the grilled eel on a bed of rice, and is a must thing to eat when go to Nagoya, so I did.

After having a good meal, we came to check out the media tour for some well-known places in Nagoya which are Station media like Sakae station, busiest area media like Hisaya-odori Park area, and so on.

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See you in next week then.

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