What A Terrible WEEK !

Hi there,

How’s you guys doing?

Me, I’m suffering a terrible week, thanks to the weather in here.

WOW it’s SUMMER !!!

My summer is started with the flu. WHAT A LUCKY GIRL!!

I didn’t expect that I’m going get a flu in that HOT weather, because I’m from Myanmar and I thought that I’m accustomed to the summer, but actually NOT.

So what I was doing in that week? I got sick since from Monday. I couldn’t even get at from my bed.

I just looked at the sky from my window.

And some of my emotion is coming along with the blue sky and started like

“Oh, I wish I were back at home—this is miserable” .

I’m sure that if you are being away from your home, you must feel HOMESICK especially when you get sick.

Michael Bublé’ song comes into my mind right away.

I’m not such a fan of him, but I do love pop songs so that recently most of his songs are on my playlist.

Today is FRIDAYYYYYY, why don’t you try to listen Michael Bublé’s on the way back to your home.

My Friday is just having an orange, to get some vitamin C.

I hope everyone have Friday NIGHT, Friday Vibe!

Ps : Stay Hydrated >>>> Don’t forget to drink water !!!

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