Bring back the kid in you

“A journey to a dreamland” that is how I want to start this weeks blog.

Tokyo Disneyland is my new dream land! as a kid I liked disney cartoons and enjoyed watching it, yet as time passes the intrest fades. As time passes I became the least intrested about Disney and I had absolutley zero intrest in visiting Tokyo Disneyland.

My image of Disneyland was that it is a park for kids and youngesters to run around and take pictures.

Yet I said to myself you only live once and since you are in Tokyo, do not miss the chance to visit it at least once.

And then the day came and went to Tokyo Disneyland and the whole image of the place has changed dramatically! I was extremely mesmerized by the beauty of the landscapes, the structure of the buldings, the attractions, the music… and lots and lots of things I can not even count.

I became myself kid all over again for a day! It was worth it and I want to visit it even more frequently.

So if you are in Tokyo never miss the chance to visit this amazing place!

Next is Tokyo Disneysea 🙂

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