A-yooo! I’m in Japannnnnn!!!

Hello everyone!!!

This is my first vlog ever after joining the Kesion Japan.

Guys, guys, guyssss…finally I’m in Japannn!!!Yahoooo!!!

Let me rewind about the memories of flying to Japan. On last 20th March 2022, I took the flight to Tokyo, Narita from my hometown, Yangon, Myanmar and there was a transit in Singapore. It was also my first time being in SG although it was just inside the Airport. I had to spend over 8 hours in SG Airport and there I found lots of Luxury Brands Shop and snack bars. Also, the airport advertising medias in SG is so wonderful that make the interior decoration of the airport even more perfect. So, I could not help but take a few photos of those airport medias.

Singapore Airport Media
Singapore Airport Media

After a long and tiring wait, I got on the flight to Tokyo, Narita. Yayy hayyy. 😊

But again, needed to wait way too long for the Covid Test in Airport. ☹

And there comes the realization I got as soon as I arrived at Japan.

  • Essentials of Japanese Language

What I can see as soon as I step into Japan is Kanji without English Translation. Even the toilet in airport was like that, that I couldn’t dare to press a thing before using the Google Translate. And at that time, I realized that I really need to study Japanese so hard.

日本語 頑張ります!
  • How much pretty the Japanese Girls are

All airport staffs who talk to me were too too kawaii and everyone was so fashionable that I reflect myself being so out of date. (I used to think of myself as fashionable back in my hometown, lol)


And there were many more, but I can only remember these facts now.

そろそろ, after taking the Covid test, I was moved to the Quarantine hotel and had to stay for 3 days. There is another interesting thing that I found unusual with our country is every bathroom has a bath tub no matter how much the room is small.

The scenery from my room!<3

Anyhow, let’s go back to the point. I had to stay in that hotel for 3 days and on the 2nd day I saw snowwwww!!Yayyy yayyyy!! Although It was only light snowing and I could only enjoy from inside the hotel room, I saw snowwww! Yayyyyyy!! I was so happy as it was one of my romances.

After 3 days, I could freely enjoy the live in Tokyo.

It’s TOKYO!!!

I’ll talk about much more of life in Tokyo in next vlogs. For now,

bye bye! (English)

Tat Tar! (Myanmar)

さよなら(Japanese) またね!!


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