Came Back Osaka Again


Hi, this is Yasuda from Myanmar.


Currently, Myanmar is in the midst of a military coup, and the country’s politics, economy, and daily life are in turmoil. All of our businesses, without exception, have come to a halt.


So, I, for the first time in, oh, 9 years! I’m returning to Osaka!


It’s been nine years! I’m like “Urashima Tarō” in here.


In front of Namba Grand Kagetsu (NGK). The regional and comfort place of Osaka people!


Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Street. This is the street where my favorite bars are located. It’s all closed now.


The street in front of the off-track betting office. (Everything is still closed…)


We didn’t have that in Myanmar, Ichiran, I enjoyed ramen here!


By the way, there’s a special way to order. I just forgot how to order it.

梅田で気になったLED Vision。両方とも一般広告を受けていないようですが、両方ともなかなか気になるロケーションです。

LED Vision in Umeda, both of which are not for sale, but both of which are quite interesting locations.


On another note, I took the JR Tokaido Line to the Shigaraki kilns! A leisurely stroll.


There were very few people, so I was able to relax.


And since I was hungry, I took the JR Tokaido Line again, to Kobe!


But what I ate was Sendai’s famous Gyutan, a beef tongue dish (I forgot to take a picture of it) lol.


So that was my wander around the entire Kansai area in one day.


This is one of the last pictures I took in Myanmar.


Once the current situation settles down, I would like to return to Myanmar and help the young people of Myanmar to start new businesses. However, I think it is still difficult to settle down because of the confusion involving military, political, national and ethnic interests. But I hope that one day everyone will be happy and at peace.

ほなまた!(大阪弁で See you again!)

Honamata! (See you again in Osaka dialect)

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