Malaysia Akihabara City

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Digital Lifestyle makes it easier for people to connect around the world using internet and digital technologies, enable people to work anywhere and creates smart home experiences. Digital lifestyles. The digital world presents many possibilities and benefits to individuals and companies

In Japan, Akihabara is a buzzing shopping hub famed for its electronics retailers, ranging from tiny stalls to vast department stores like Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba. Venues specializing in manga, anime, and video games include Tokyo Anime Center, for exhibits and souvenirs, and Radio Kaikan with 10 floors of toys, trading cards, and collectibles. Staff dressed as maids or butlers serve tea and desserts at nearby maid cafes

But in Malaysia..
I present to you the Largest Malaysia IT Lifestyle Mall

When a shopping mall is being lauded as the country’s largest and best in value for ICT products and services, you can expect it to be just that! Plaza Low Yat has all the intensity in digital hardware and software, as well as the present-day digital lifestyle diversity to validate this distinction. So much so, that the saying about Plaza Low Yat goes a little something like this:

“If you can’t find the IT product you’re after at Plaza Low Yat, it probably doesn’t exist!”

It’s all here at Plaza Low Yat seven themed floors of top-name fashion boutiques, dining options galore, cutting-edge beauty & wellness centres and more, including quick break spots.

Top view from the highest floor, Let me share with you guys what is available for each floor

Might as well grab some food or beverages while waiting for your gadget to be fixed. I would say it is very convenient. Too bad currently customer can only take away for the current time being for safety measure.

Plaza Low Yat is located in the center of Bukit Bintang Shopping area Kuala Lumpur. The is the mall where shoppers can get bargains and discounts while purchasing electronic products, computers, laptops and mobile phones. When buying electronic items, always ask for the discounted price from the sales representative haha. This shopping center is also a host to a number of service centers that can repair all types of electronic items. This place is definitely a must visit place for tourists visiting Malaysia.

This popular IT Lifestyle shopping mall is easily accessible for visitors and widely known by bus and taxi drivers. Low Yat Plaza has a total of seven themed retail floors. In addition to buying and purchase of the IT products, there are also restaurants and book stores where visitors can spend their time out.

Spotted Huawei Wallpaper Wrap for brand awareness at Escalator. Heyy~ this type of advertising is quite cool for me and I believe the impact will definitely be high. Can you imagine how many eyeballs will go through this escalator? A lot righttt? すごい

Overall I can conclude, Plaza Low Yat is the best electronic shopping mall in Malaysia and probably one of the best in South East Asia.

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