The OOH media in Tokyo’s Metro


When talking about transportation, no one can exclude the MRT in Tokyo. As everyone know, the density of the metro lines in the metropolitan area of Tokyo has been ranked NO.1 in the world. When you walk down the street, you can see a lot of subways and stations here and there. Thanks to that convenience, the MRT has become the main traffic tool for the majority. The increase in passenger number is attributed to its punctuality, speed, safety and efficiency, which have been highly valued by everyone who has used it.


I believe everyone must have seen the photos or videos about Japan, such as the crowed of people in the station or on the train, or the station crews who are squashing the passengers into the train, those are the first impression of Japanese metro from a lot of countries. But actually, among world’s most congested stations, the east Japan metro has occupied the top 23 places. Take the example of top 1, Shinjuku station, if you have time and a chance to see this station, you will be shocked at how many metro lines link together in one station, and how the flow reaches 730 thousand people a day!


Because there are many main stations in Tokyo are crowded with people, they have become the best place to advertise or promote for many advertisers. When you come to Japan you must see any kinds of multiple advertising such as digital signage, billboards and posters in-station or on-train. Japan’s MRT has more advertising slots that you can see the hanging posters and some billboards near the door or the digital screen broadcast above the door.


Because the majority of Japanese spend a lot of time during the day on traveling by train, so promoting in the MRT will also be considered better than other types of medias, even better than the internet.


Therefore, if you want to get your products and services high exposure in Japan, the MRT will be your best choice, we can propose a plan for you in any MRT in Tokyo and Osaka or around Japan. 

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