Christmas in Malaysia

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays!

This is Yasuda from Myanmar. Today, we gonna introduce decorations for Christmas in Malaysia.

ミンガラバ! ミャンマー駐在員の安田です。



As you all know, Malaysia is more than 60% Malay and Muslim. But everyone loves Christmas and decorations everywhere.


Don’t you think it’s brilliant?

Pop-up Shopとバルーンクリスマスツリー

This is Pop-up Shop and Balloon Christmas Tree.

AEON Shah Alamのツリー

Trees in AEON Shah Alam.

そんな横に、Kesion Malaysia が運営するDigital Signage!

You can find right next to the trees, the Digital Signage operated by Kesion Malaysia!


A high-quality shopping mall looks good with an elegant tree.




Of course, there is a sponsor tie-in Christmas tree, also common in Japan.

If I try to report on all the Christmas trees in Malaysia, probably the New Year begins. So, I wrap this post up.

I share with you “Give it a LIKE!” media.


Actually, It’s been two years since I visited Malaysia, but I feel that the advertising method, design, and cityscape have really changed.

それじゃ、また! タター!

Okay then, see you next year! တာ့တာ! 

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