Get High in Ginza!

Home to world’s most prestigious fashion brands, Ginza is Tokyo’s fashion capital, just as Fifth Avenue is to New York, or Bond Street is to London. 
One square meter of land in the district’s center is worth over ten million yen, making it one of the most expensive real estate in Japan.
On the weekends, it becomes a pedestrian paradise where you can walk in the middle of four lined boulevard and shop till you drop! 

Many of Japan’s finest department stores including Matsuya, Matsuzakaya, Wako and Mitsukoshi can all be found here on Chuo Dori along with leading international brands like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel, Prada and Bvlgari. All the leading brand names made their flagship stores here along the Chuo Dori and you can find the all the buildings looking like architectural statements with incredible modern designs of steel, glass, neon lighting effects. 

What makes it more attractive is when the brands feature their campaign on the buildings! Earlier this year, Moncler had put their name high up on Matsuya Ginza for their Moncler Genius campaign. It perfectly portrayed Moncler Genius Building concept perfectly by wrapping Matsuya Ginza glass wall especially with the eye-catching yellow tape.

Didn’t it look cooler at night!

Other than building wraps, there are some other cool ways for brands to do a shout out in this luxurious area too. Stay tune and let us tell you more about what are the medias available and how the brands get high up in Ginza again!

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