Reminiscing that One Hot Summer

Thanksgiving is over and soon the Christmas season will be upon us.

Time to bring out the warm fleeces , enjoy a cup of mulled wine and perhaps hum along to a little merry Christmas carol.

As much as it is a cozy season, sometimes we wish the sun was shining a little longer and brighter; the weather a little warmer and suitable for flip flops and tank tops.

So, let us bring you back to summer 2018 with a little throwback post on Lipton’s special three months Pop Up Store at Zerobase Omotesando .

This is the third year in a row that Lipton has been having their Pop Up Store at this space as it is very popular with crowds especially during the very hot and humid summer months in Tokyo (say, end of June ~September).


During this special pop up, visitors could choose from one of the original Lipton tumblers and customize the type of fruits and tea that goes into the bottle. With the sweltering heat in Tokyo, this has been a great marketing plan as many passer-bys flocked to the store to quench their thirst with the delicious looking iced tea prepared and served on the ground floor of the event space.


Just in case you were wondering, Zerobase Omotesando is Kesion’s very own Pop Up Store event space! With a total of 4 floors, clients can freely design and create content in this space( as long as it is within our guidelines and policies). We have had clients bringing in influencers, conducting workshops, using special light and sound technologies etc. to make their contents and products more relatable to customers.

The whole building can also be wrapped and designed to attract people in the Omotesando Area, which is a mix of high end fashion as well as stand alone boutiques, which you can imagine what kind of target audience you will have in the area.

Omotesando Simple Map Pic

Lipton has specially utilized the second floor space for customers to seat in and enjoy their drinks in an air conditioned room. Besides, to create further awareness of the event, there are many ‘picture-perfect‘ wall backgrounds, encouraging customers to snap a picture of their bottle and share with their friends on Instagram, hence the free publicity.


Pop Up Store events have been a very popular way of bringing brands and customers closer together in Japan. With the growing number of foreign brands in Japan, these events are great because it allows local Japanese to get familiar with foreign brand names and have a hands on experience with the products.

We hope this little throwback to Summer brought a little warmth to you on this chilly November evening. Drop us a message should this pop up space tickled your fancy in any way! 🙂

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