A Shot Visit to Singapore and Malaysia

You know that Japan is island, So we must cross the ocean when we want to go to overseas.
For that reason, I think a lot of Japanese are yearning for crossing border by overland.

A few days ago, I went to visit Singapore and Malaysia.
It was a short trip, three days and one night though. I enjoyed much.

There is a river between Johor, Malaysia’s second largest city, and Singapore, which serves as the border.
It can be crossed by the bus, track and train.
In my plan, I crossed between two countries by bus.

Before COVID-19,I have been to UK by bus
I didn’t feel cross border by overland myself, because the bus goes directly into the train.
so I was looking forward to spend this time.

In conclusion, it’s not big event to cross border by overland. It’s too quick, not enough.
There are a lot of people living in Malaysia and working in Singapore,
It’s part of daily life.

In Malaysia, I took a stadium tour in the history of Japanese soccer.

In the 26 years ago, 16,000 Japanese came to Johor to cheer for Japan to qualify for the World Cup for the first time !

On that times there were no smart phones or developed social networking sites like nowadays.
A museum with photos and other items from that era is also attached to the stadium, which I enjoyed while fantasizing about the frenzy.

What is longing for you?
But it may be something natural to some people.


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