Some Random Things in my August

Right now is the middle of September though.

August ! It reminds me that the spring is coming soon and within the August most of people in Japan use to have a summer vacation and so do I.

I just want to share some random stuffs which I have met tons of excitement in my August.

Here’s we go !!!!!!

1st week of My August, I helped on our ONE x ONE Pop-up store in Shibuya, and I had experienced of Shibuya Bon Odori Dance Festival. Anyway have an idea about Bon Odori?  Bon Odori meaning simply “Bon dance”, is a style of dancing performed during Obon. I heard from my friends and they said the style of celebration varies in many aspects from region to region. Each region has a local dance, as well as different music. I do had a great time just looking at it.

2nd week of My August, it started with lucky stuffs. You curious? I had a birthday celebration project for Tokoyami Towa which was made by fan club. May be it might not interesting for you guys, but it is a start of my achievement in Japan. So I shared some of monitoring photos in below.

Just FYI, by looking at it and if you are willing to do the ads you can contact for us to promote not only your brand but also birthday celebration ads.

Ok here comes another interesting things, the Fukagawa Festival, a traditional Shinto festival which is held annually around the mid of August. I asked my neighbors and they said it was celebrated in Chuo Ward along the Sumida river once in three year. It was very lively by looking at people who was carried Mikoshi, shouted out loud like “Wasshoi!” and placing clean water on Mikoshi’s carrier from the roadside. I can feel the very traditional Japanese vibe when I saw in person. It was super fun.

In my 3rd week of August, nothing much special, just busy with work stuffs. I just kept lying down on my bed, Netflix and Chill in that weekend. I found out by myself in a boring way, so I was planning out for a walk, while I’m walking, I found the LUUP stands and had an idea of riding a bike, I rented the bike and heading to Asakusa and sky tree. When I arrived here, it was incredible by seeing the midnight version of Sky Tree and Sensoji Temple.

My last week of August…… yayyyy, SENDAI TRIP !!!! But for now, just random stuffs for this week vlog.

See you in the next vlog of mine about SENDAI things.

Thank You !

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