Back to Home!

Hello Everyone! For today’s blog, I chose to share my two weeks ago story of ‘Back to Home’.

After almost a year and half being apart with my family, we finally got a family reunion in Bangkok for a week. My family is from Myanmar, but because of some situations it is still difficult to be back to Myanmar. So, we just decided to gather in Bangkok.

You won’t know that now I am smiling again just by thinking of the time I met with them at the airport. Unconsciously, I jumped and ran to my mommy’s embrace, the most peaceful and softest embrace of mine.

This is how I spent that 1 week.

First days, I ate my favorite Myanmar foods that mommy cooked and brought for me. Back to being of mommy, daddy, 3 big brothers’ little baby. Went shopping from 10 am to 8pm. Went to an amusement park, rode every ride, and screamed out loud. Went to the photo bombs area and became their model. Hhahaa. Played cards every night and who won? I did!>_<.

I realized I needed that, the therapy from my family. Now I’m fully charged, totally fresh fresh, happy heart inside. Too ready to back to work hard.

(Sorry about no photos to share, I was so excited and totally forgot to share some artistic photos.)

Btw, of course in this trip too I took some of the media photos for you.

And FYI, the big traveling season of Japan is now going on. So, If you are interested in to grab the chance and promote your brand, just Call me maybe!

See you again.


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