Are you a Cup Noodle lover?

I’m sure that everyone loves cup noodle, so do I. I don’t want to recommend to eat everyday though, but somehow whenever we are so busy, we do use to eat the Cup Noodle, right? I often use to eat since I was a child so I went to the Cup noodle museum on the last weekend.

It’s in Yokohama, the south of Tokyo, which was one of the first Japanese ports opened to foreign trade.

Let me take you to there…… the Cup Noodle museum, where we can see the story of Momofuku Ando, the one who invented the Cup noodle. The museum also has a theater where was explained about the Momofuku’s life story. Though I am not fluent in Japanese, after I heard about why he made the Cup noodle, that makes me very impressive of him.

I saw the Work Shed, how’s Momofuku made the world’s first Cup noodle in there.

Recreation of Momofuku’s Work Shed

It turns out the most interesting things, after I have a look around the museum.

The main reason which made me exciting is that we can made the Cup noodle by ourselves with our creative drawing design cup and choose the topping that we like. I’m not good at drawing but it turns out to be cute.

If you do are a Cup noodle lover, why don’t you go and see by yourself……

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