Harajuku Mini Media Tour

Hi Hi,

Today, I’m going to take you to Harajuku! Interested?

Let’s Go! Let’s Go!

So, let me start with the introduction of the area first.

Harajuku is an area really popular among young generations because of its fashion shops, street foods and the vibe of the area. And it is also a MUST place to visit for foreigners once they are in Japan. You will feel the youth vibe for sure.

Of course, there are also the media for the brands which target the audience occupied by Harajuku.

So, shall we start the mini media tour.

(1) . The wildposting may seem as just the posters on the wall. But if you notice, mostly the highly famous brands are taking over on these media.

(2). The Newly developed 3D ads just directly connected to the most famous road ‘Takeshita Dori’ in Harajuku. Due to its 3D artwork, you just can’t help but just have a glance at the media.

(3). Here we go, our Zerobase Jingumae Pop Up shop located just in front of the crossing road of Harajuku. Whoever would like to use the budget that will directly increase the range of sales chooses this for their promotion.

(4). This one is the new hot media among the high-end fashion brands with its eyelevel poster and eye-catching vision type. The brand owners are in queue for this media. And not only the fashion brands but also the ones from other industry are having a great interest in this media.

By this the Harajuku Mini Media Tour has come to an end.

Which one is your favorite among these 4?

If you are curious for more details, just give us a contact!

Then, let me say bye by here.


See you again!


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