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Hello! Everyone, it is Justice, lone time no see!


This year, for the first time in three years, I stepped out of Japan! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the photos I took in the media of Taipei and Bangkok.


Taiwan and Thailand are similar in that there are many motorcycles and cars, and roadside media are often concentrated at intersections where people often gather and wait to proceed, for example, and especially in Thailand, a network of LED screens or roadside LED fixtures is often well maintained to attract the attention of passersby.

台湾とタイは似ている部分がとりあえずバイクと車が多くて、よく人が集まっている所で例えば、進行待っている交差点など路上の媒体は結構集中して設置するのが多く、特にタイは通行人の目を引くには相当巨大画面のLEDビジョンか道端のLED Furnitureみたいなネットワークがよく整備されています。

Riding in traffic, which is still an essential part of life rather than the cityscape, traffic advertising media are also well visible. Thai advertisers use quite gaudy colors, giving off a strong Southeast Asian vibe!

On the other hand, Taiwanese color coordination tends to be rather mild.



In Taiwan and Thailand, depends on the advertisements, with traffic media often running for a month, and outdoor LEDs running from 1 week to ~1 month. 台湾とタイでは広告の掲出は媒体によって、交通媒体は1か月の出稿が多く、屋外LEDなら、1週間から~1か月間までの出稿の形になります。

The most beautiful advertisement in Taipei is still the glass-stick advertisement of 101.


The most impactful media in Bangkok is still this giant LED on the street. If you want to know the name, please contact me.

バンコクでは一番インパクトのあるのはやはりこの路上の巨大あ LED ですね。名前は知りたければ、私までにご連絡ください。

感謝您! 再會

That’s all, see ya!


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