The advertising platforms in the International Airports of Kuala Lumpur

Good day! We will be talking about the beauty of the International Airports of Kuala Lumpur and the advertising platforms within.

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Some of you might be wondering what is so special with the airports in Kuala Lumpur. Based on the history found, the aviation of KLIA was introduced in year 1990, after the announcement of the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport which located nearby Sepang was unable to sustained at last. However, with all the hard works went ahead in year 1993, Kuala Lumpur had its first international terminal building.

Guess what? Kuala Lumpur International Airport was awarded with AERTA award for being the “World’s Best Airport” in terms of its size.

The airport was just doing fine over the decades until the difficult time when the Covid-19 hits the global world, and the airport was forced to temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

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Good news is, because of the hard works of the local government, our airports are back in business! Furthermore, there are more advertisers are going into the available media located in the airports! Thanks for the reopening borders, easing of restrictions, removal of quarantines, reduced swap testing and the impact travel decisions. The advertisements are getting more and more exposures from the travellers.

Does anyone of you know that the airports are not only a terminal for you to leave the country but also a place where you could gain so much product knowledges from the advertisements in the airports? Let us show you more!

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↗We strongly believe that the advertisements are providing a huge impact to the travellers and public who goes into the airports.

It is not only benefitting the advertisers but the audience who sees the ads too! KLIA are now packaged with several good media platforms for advertising; Digital panels, creative static panel, HUGE landscape digital screens and high number of smaller screens are there creating good exposures when you are departing and arriving.

↗When the travellers are reaching the arriving hall from the airplane, they get to see the first hand of the advertisement trends going on in Malaysia.

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↗TA-DA! The luggage collection area! Some of you might be not enjoying this “moment” because of the holidays ending. BUT no worries! The colourful advertisement with moving animation provides a good feeling and knowledge for you to pick-up the current trends happening in market of Malaysia.

Alright! Grab your flight tickets now and do not miss the beauty of the airports and the running ads either!

See you in the next blog, from Kesion Team, Loves. 😊

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