What Say You Towards Malaysia’s Recovery Phase of Post Covid among AEON Customers

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Today, I would like to introduce “What Say You?” Towards Malaysia’s Recovery Phase of Post Covid among AEON Customers” Survey Report. This survey was conducted among 505 users of AEON malls throughout Malaysia, and the results were compiled here. This survey was conducted in between period 17th Nov 2021 ~ 24th Nov 2021.

The demographics of the respondents are shown above, with most of the responses coming from people in their 20s. And combination group age 20 ~ 49 years old making the majority of responses with 59%.

Malaysian people’s income household is divided to 3 main income groups, B40; lower and middle lower class income group, M40; middle class and T20; middle upper class and high-income group. B40 is below MYR 4,800 household income, M40 is between MYR 4,801 ~ RM 11,000, and T20 is MYR 11,001 and above. Base on the survey report, the percentage ratio for B40: M40: T20 is 51%: 32% : 16%.

As of the date of this survey was conducted, 494 respondents have completed 2 vaccination doses, equal to 97.8%, showing Malaysian’s positive acceptance towards vaccination programmes held by Government, and they agreed that successful vaccination plan is necessary for Malaysia’s economy recovery.

Above image indicate which of the following activities are the regular routines they did BEFORE pandemic or DURING pandemic, or AFTER completing 2 doses vaccination.

In term of employment, since pandemic hit Malaysia from March 2020, 33% of the respondents admitted their income were affected, with 13% of them having salary pay cut, and 11% were terminated from their current job.

In addition, considering unhealthy economy activities, plus unsecure feelings towards their current job or business, 35% of respondents responded that they have started 2nd income source as income back up option. And the most popular 2nd income source is started new own business, either offline of online platform. With part time job delivery rider or driver is the 2nd popular option.

This is about the number of visitors to Aeon Mall. Due to the need to purchase daily necessities during pandemic, the number of visitors is remained low compare than before pandemic, but the number is increasing consistently with some higher frequencies.

Above image indicate which of the following payment methods chosen by the respondents as their preferred payment methods when purchasing activities at any grocery shop, restaurants or any store (including AEON Supermarket).

It is showing Malaysian working group start working back at their office after 1st October 2021, the date of the interstate movement is lifted.

For transitions between the types of advertisements people have seen, the patterns below are; BEFORE Pandemic à DURING Pandemic (From March 2020~ 30 Sept 2021) à AFTER 1 October 2021

Outdoor advertising:51.4%→25.8% à 30.5%

Radio:39.3%→35.8% à 29.7%

TV:50.1%→52.3% à 40.2%

WEB:69.2%→75.5% à 70.3%

Mall:42.8%→22.8% à 28.1%

Vehicle:15.9%→12.1% à 12.3%

Magazine/Newspaper:18.2%→13.2% à 11.9%

There has been not much positive change across the board, except slightly good sign for outdoor advertising, and mall advertisements. It shows strong proof, that there is movement or mobility of populations going outside from their home, either for social activities, or working activities.

The industries in which the ads were most frequently seen were healthcare-related, remain as same as the previous survey result in early Jan 2021.

Above image is showing 71.7% of respondents wish there are more job opportunities in 2022, as more Malaysian can be in a better state of financial if many job chances offered with their desired salary range.

Last but not least, majority of survey respondents agreed ‘Political Stability’ as one of the main elements towards Malaysia’s economy recovery for 2022. And more than 50% of respondents believe total vaccination rate and strict SOP or safety precautions are another 2 important elements to ensure low and stable daily covid cases number, so that economy can grow smoothly without health system failure concern.

As a conclusion, in this survey, we have surveyed people to all over Malaysia. If you are one of the readers who are interested to do any surveys, please do contact us letting us know your request, so we can segment it according to your needs. That’s all for today..  thank you, please stay safe, and till we meet again in future.

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