What kinds of Ad form do you like?

Recently, I had a camera shot in the Omotesando and Harajuku area, which is full of luxury brand and fashion style street, so-called the king of Tokyo fashion area. Of course, there are many Advertising media both Dynamic or static ones here, they are all having the good attractive point which tailors and customizes what the advertising want, such as wildposting on the street corners, billboard in high building or in the eye-level location, pop-up store in the main crowded street, flags AD on the street light, and digital signages installed on the high building, there are really a lot of forms of OOH in this area.

Most of the advertiser think that the promotion somehow like the investment, which is like putting the money and wait for the return on revenue, the place where they can really invest for those high-end brand or new fashion brand are 2 places, Omotesando and Ginza, if for a little lower price and street style, that will be exactly the Omotesando and Harajuku.

Here I want to recommend to every reader is our Kesion Owned media, 2 Pop-up stores and 1 digital signage where all locates in the prime area like intersection where people get up from the subway, with true reasonable price, especially the signage can be served for only one client 100% SOV, where can you get such a high cost-performance media?

Please have a good look at the media and contact us if you are little interested.


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