Food safety management



Hi, this is Justice today.

This week I just went to the Food Hygiene Center to take a course, and I would like to talk with you about food hygiene management.


Food safety issues are common in Asia, and we are still witnessing the cooking oil scandal caused by Taiwan’s Ting Hsin Group a few years ago and the milk powder scandal caused by China’s Sanlu Group. On the other hand, Japan is still considered to be one of the best countries in Asia in terms of food safety management. However, since Japan is a country that has the habit of eating raw food, yesterday’s class showed us that raw food disposal in restaurants is a common occurrence in recent years.


In this day, vendor’s conscientious issues such as cost slash are being questioned, but I think the most important thing is still the restraint of the law and the strengthening of sanitation from the government. If such an incident happened to a restaurant or a company that touches a wide range of people’s life, it would be a social panic.


Now, we Kesion handling of the food in ZeroBase Ariake, as a food safety manager, with attention to food safety management and knowledge, we will do our best to provide services to our customers

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