This one makes me WOW.

Bye bye APPLE, hello SAMSUNG.

As a life time APPLE user,

It was not easy to let me to switch to android I just kept getting new ones until it didn’t have anything that I wanted, It was nothing that impressed me.

I believe there are lots life time APPLE users are going to/already switch to it, that’s what exactly Samsung wanted.

Believe me, except the Samsung keyboard, I couldn’t get used to it for days, others, just fine, pretty quick to get used to it,

And I downloaded an APPLE keyboard on my android phone, sounds ridiculous though.

Look at how much that Samsung is spending on promotion in Japan market?!

Billboard, street flags, bus shelter, train station, in-train, taxi, literally everything,

This is huuuuuuuuge…

But you get what you paid!

And they HIT the BEST record ever~~~


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