Olympic boom


In Tokyo, the long-awaited Olympic Game has been held, we could see many athletes and sportsmen working hard to win the glory for their own countries. As Taiwanese, I was also cheering for many Asian countries, and we could see that Asian Countries have their competition strengths and Western countries have their own strengths.


Focusing on the games, the most impressive to me is that Japan won the silver medal in woman’s basketball game. After all, we all know basketball is for the high height and fast explosive power in the west not for Asian sport. So this time Japanese woman’s basketball silver medal would be a big motivation for Asian countries to realize that everyone all can surpass their limit.


For the advertising and tourism benefits brought by the Olympic Games, we could also see many big Olympic sponsor companies from all of the world posting and displaying in the Shibuya and other popular areas, which really make the Japanese advertising market vibrant again.


In fact, I think the Olympic Games are in a way a cheer for the world that has not yet return back to the normal life and does not yet know the future in the face of the epidemic. After all, the purpose of the Olympics is to unite the world and to promote the friendship among nations.


Although there are only three weeks of Olympic Games, I think it is still very meaningful for the world, both Tokyo and the world from bright side.


This time also because of the Olympic Games I just stayed at home to watch the Olympic Games program, for me is also full of memories of a good summer.


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