I am not a fan of Disney, and I don’t like crowed place in general.

So waiting for hours to get rides in Disney land/sea, is the thing I will never do, and never done in my life.

but when you have kid, Disney land/sea is the place on your MUST go list, even its crowed all the time.

Now, I think it’s the best time to go Tokyo Disney land/sea, because there is NO PEOPLE.

Straight to the rides, no line for rides, for restaurants, for kiosks, for restrooms, for parking…NOTHING.

Because limited access during COVID, and there are only 2 ways to get into the land/sea,

First way, if you are lucky enough, win the lottery.(once a month)

Second way, if you get Disney official vacation package, which is sleep-over trip in specific official Disney hotels.

we picked the second way and stayed in beauty and beast room this time, cause I don’t think I am lucky enough to win the lottery. (last time was in Cinderella room)

the vacation package is nice, feels like VIP.



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